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Visit to the University of Castelo Branco


The Portuguese Cricket Federation has struggled over the last decade in getting involved in promoting cricket in Portuguese schools. Some success has been achieved in the International Schools, only to find the enthusiasm being short lived as students move from country to country. Access to Portuguese schools needs to come from the Department of Education, which to date has been unresponsive to any requests in this regard.



Auditório da Escola Superior de Educação

Finally, at the beginning of November a new dawn appeared on the horizon. A group of 2nd year Physical Education students from the University of Castelo Branco enquired about cricket and if the Federation could provide them with some insight into the game, the laws, the form of the game and teaching it to others. This offered the Federation a new avenue to explore – by getting the prospective teachers of physical education at Portuguese schools involved in the game at a student level, they would hopefully take the game into the schools in the next 2 years and hopefully this should influence the interest in cricket at school level and so the Department of Education.


Following the enquiry it was decided to run an introduction to cricket course which was organised for the 4th December 2009. At the crack of dawn on a freezing 4th December, the coaches and the secretary of the Federation set off for Castelo Branco, which lies 240 kms inland from Lisbon, anticipating a group of 24 students, only to find 72 students with the Head and Deputy Head of Department waiting for them in Castelo Branco. They spent the morning in a lecture room going through the introduction to cricket and fending off numerous questions at various levels about the game. The afternoon was spent in the field with various bowling, batting, fielding and wicket keeping drills, which went well into early evening and bad light stopped play.


As a result of the course, the Faculty of Physical Education have put forward a proposal to the federation, to maintain contact, expecting 3 to 4 visits a from coaches during the academic year.

They have offered translation facilities for written or spoken English into Portuguese (including DVD’s, dubbing and sub-titling) free of charge. A group would like to progress to the next level in the near future, which offers us a further challenge- the English capabilities of these students is minimal and if we hold a level 1 course it would have to be with a Portuguese translator throughout, with a possible translation of the MCQ!! Overall, a step in the right direction, and an avenue worth pursuing, as some of the students are from as far afield as Madeira, which could help in spreading cricket further than we initially expected.




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